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Apartment in Vione – rif. 139

Splendid penthouse located in Vione in Val Camonica, in the province of Brescia in Lombardy, a stone’s throw from the beautiful Stelvio National Park.

The apartment, completely and tastefully furnished, enjoys a splendid view of the mountains.


The attic has a surface area of ​​95 square meters, is located on the third and top floor of a characteristic mountain building, and is composed of a living room, kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms.

The apartment is surrounded on three sides by three comfortable balconies from which you can admire the splendid view of the panorama. The property also comes complete with two garages.

The asking price is € 265,000


square meters






€ 265,000


Lombardy, with its timeless beauty, is a place that manages to touch the deepest strings of the soul. This region of northern Italy enchants and fascinates with its extraordinary variety of landscapes and its rich history, giving emotions to anyone who visits it.

The majestic mountains of the Alps, with their peaks silhouetted against the blue sky, evoke a feeling of wonder and admiration. Here, nature manifests itself in all its grandeur, and the towering peaks inspire a deep feeling of respect for the natural world.

Then there is the more cosmopolitan side of Lombardy, represented by vibrant Milan. This city, the beating heart of the region, is an explosion of energy, creativity, and innovation. The bustling streets, elegant fashion boutiques and high-class restaurants convey a sense of vitality and possibility. The museums, art galleries and majestic cathedrals tell millenary stories, while the lively streets resonate with voices, smells and flavors from all over the world. The cosmopolitan atmosphere of Milan makes the hearts of anyone seeking modernity and sophistication beat.

But the true soul of Lombardy is also found in its smaller towns and picturesque rural landscapes. The historic villages with their paved squares and ancient churches evoke a feeling of nostalgia for a past rich in stories and traditions. The warmth of the local inhabitants, with their genuine welcome and delicious food, makes anyone feel at home.

Finally, Lake Como, with its serene waters and the majestic villas that are reflected in them, inspires a profound serenity and contemplation. The gentle breezes that caress your face as you sail on the lake create a feeling of inner peace that is difficult to describe in words.

Lombardy is a region of contrasting emotions, where you can feel pride in your roots and passion for life. A place where history and modernity intertwine, where nature and culture embrace each other. It is a place that touches the heart and soul, leaving an indelible mark on the memory of anyone lucky enough to experience it.

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