Ancient typical village of the Appennino Reggiano, whose first settlements date back to 1500 and subsequently expanded over the years.

Located in the heart of the Matilda lands, observing this complex of buildings you can still read the signs of the time that have characterized the history and culture of the territory and of the people who inhabited it.

Emilia Romagna

There are still vault stones with the year of construction imprinted (1536), imposing perimeter walls in stone, beautiful centuries-old wooden beams that still form the load-bearing structure of some buildings, ancient terracotta floors in a surprising state of conservation, imperious fireplaces designed to heat large rooms, characteristic cellars with vaulted stone ceilings still ideal for preserving typical local foods such as meats and cheeses.

To embellish and characterize this settlement there is a small and pretty church, where Christian rites have been officiated over the centuries.

The village enjoys a spectacular view of the Emilian hills, is surrounded by greenery and almost intact vegetation where even human settlements and their activities have been respectful of the environment and have not spoiled it.

Overall, the property can count on 48 hectares of land of which 17 hectares of pasture / arable land and 31 hectares of woodland. The positioning, nature and exposure make most of the land suitable for planting vineyards and subsequent winemaking, and for many other uses such as planting fruit trees. The size of the land and buildings can also support different types of breeding, not excluding that of horses.

The buildings for residential and commercial use are about 1200 square meters in total, the non-residential and service rooms about 200 square meters, the buildings used for agricultural appurtenances (stables, warehouses, sheds, etc.) are in total about 900 square meters, finally the uncovered areas pertaining to the buildings are about 1780 square meters.

The characteristics, the position, the large extension of the land and the size of the buildings as a whole, make this property suitable for many uses in addition to that of a private home, from purely agricultural or livestock, to that of tourist and accommodation activities, which farmhouse or B&B. Above all, the latter would already find a large part of the existing premises prepared as they already exist (although not in use now) equipped kitchens, large dining rooms and accommodation consisting of comfortable rooms with relevant service.

The property enjoys good accessibility and is located in an area of ​​great charm such as the Matilda lands, also known abroad especially in the countries of Northern Europe.

The asking price is € 700,000


square meters






€ 700,000

Emilia Romagna

Emilia Romagna is Italy’s beating heart as well as its geographical centre, surrounded by the Apennines and the placid waters of the river Po.

Land of Medieval castles and amazing hilly countryside. Land of engines and birthplace of historical automotive brands like Ferrari, Maserati and Lamorghini which are born and still thrive here. Land of culinary excellences and DOP/IGP food products: just think about the worldwide famous cheese “Parmigiano Reggiano” or “Parma’s ham” and more generally the typical cured meats, the unique “tortelli” “tortellini” and “cappelletti” (every city has its specific recipe) … ultimately one of the best cuisines in Italy and in the world, rich of genuine flavors and artisanal products still produced with methods unchanged for generations.

Located in the north of our country, from here you can easily reach the most beautiful natural landscapes of Italy: sea, mountains, lake and renowned cities. So, once you have finished to explore this characteristic territory and taken a gastronomic journey, you could decide to go in just one-hour-and-half drive to the Tirreno seaside (maybe shopping in Forte dei Marmi) or to the Adriatico seaside (eating a “piadina romagnola” in the lively Rimini and Riccione). You could also decide to go to Garda’s lake with its beautiful small villages overlooking the peaceful lake or to extend the journey a little driving to Trentino to enjoy the wonder of the Dolomites. Eventually if you are passionate about cities, you are just two hours drive far from the famous Milan, Florence and Venice.

Every place is so close: that’s why Emilia Romagna is considered the centre of Italy.

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