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Chianti Classico Estate in Siena – rif. 503

This estate with winery is a real gem, in the heart of Italian beauty. We are near Siena and from here the view over the city is truly spectacular, with its medieval towers that rise above the surrounding landscape, made up of gentle hills where cypresses, olive trees and above all the vineyards characterize its appearance.

Territories known and appreciated for centuries by travellers from all over the world for their beauty and uniqueness. The suggestions that this territory manages to convey are powerful and will remain an indelible memory in every visitor.


The estate occupies a hill on the top of which we find a complex of ancient buildings typical of the area, which create a very characteristic small village. The complex of buildings is almost 1,500 square meters in total, all have been completely and finely restored in recent times, maintaining and enhancing the characteristics of the buildings themselves, absolutely typical of the area, in order to leave their original charm unaltered.

The complex includes the main house, a large infinity pool and other adjacent structures, smaller but each with a private entrance and private garden. Each of these units is independent, equipped with a kitchen with fireplace, fully furnished and currently used as a living room for the guests of the farmhouse. Here visitors can enjoy an extraordinary atmosphere typical of the Tuscan countryside, made up of tranquillity, unique aromas and flavours, such as the various types of wine that are produced in the property’s cellar, which uses only grapes from the vineyards that are part of the estate.

Quality wines, such as Chianti Classico, which can be tasted in the special and characteristic room with a stone structure, next to the rooms used for the labelling and storage of bottles produced with various exclusive brands.

And in addition to the wine tasting there is also that of oil, also produced from olive trees that are part of the estate. An oil of the highest quality, pleasant on the palate and highly appreciated by experts in the sector.

From here you could leave for a food and wine tour in the surrounding territories so rich in offers and possibilities.

Particular attention deserves the production of wine, which since the planting of the vineyards has been designed to achieve the best possible quality of the finished product, choosing the most suitable soils in terms of composition and characteristics, with the most suitable exposure. In addition to this, continuous care and attention is reserved for the vineyard, made by expert hands who know how and when to intervene, with the aim of bringing out the best qualities of these extraordinary vines and transferring them into their final product. That is, that wine proudly produced by these people passionate about their work.

The intention of the property is to develop and increase the production, while maintaining the current quality standards, and to equip the structure with a modern cellar that provides a large space for tasting from which you can enjoy the breath-taking views of the surrounding hills and vineyards.

Overall, the estate consists of 45 hectares of land of which 4 hectares planted with vineyards, 4.65 hectares with olive groves (where there are almost 1,000 olive trees), 10 hectares of arable land and the remainder is wood with a hunting reserve.

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Tuscany is a precious territory full of historical and unique treasures, famous all over the world. It is mostly made of hills, which give it that typical aspect and make it so beautiful and recognizable, while being surrounded by the Apennines.

This Italian region is rich of art cities and small picturesque villages with an immense cultural heritage, everywhere embraced by breath-taking views of the countryside and the hills. Not to mention its islands and the beautiful coast, all topped off with delicious cuisine and wines, known for being one of the best in the world.

Here you can get in touch with some of the most important monuments and places of inestimable artistic and architectural value: such as the Brunelleschi’s cupola, The Uffizi and Ponte Vecchio in Florence, or the famous Torre Pendente in Pisa and the spectacular Piazza del Campo in the centre of Siena.

In this magical land you could have everything you need or you have dreamed of, from the cities full of art and history, to the vast fields of hills, the beautiful beaches and the seaside, everything just a few kilometers away from each other. What more could you desire?

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