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Apartment in Toceno – rif. 138

Refined apartment located in Toceno in Piedmont, a short distance from the beautiful Lake Maggiore.

The property, a few steps from all services, is part of a building recently subjected to careful maintenance of the roof and facades.


The apartment, with a surface area of ​​130 square meters, is composed of a wonderful living room with a splendid and characteristic wood-burning fireplace, two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Two panoramic and private verandas overlook the valley.

Internally it is excellently finished with fine and characteristic materials, ideal as a second home for moments of rest in the mountains.

The asking price is € 254,000


square meters






€ 254,000


Piedmont is a region that touches the heart with its enchanting beauty and rich history. When we talk about this land, emotions follow one another like the seasons, offering a unique experience to every visitor.

The majestic Alps embrace Piedmont, creating a spectacular backdrop of mountains, valleys and towering peaks that challenge the sky, while crystal-clear lakes reflect their splendor. The sight of snow-covered peaks in winter evokes a sense of wonder and adventure, while in spring and summer, flowering alpine meadows convey a feeling of rebirth and joy. It is difficult not to be fascinated by the majesty of the mountains and the feeling of freedom you feel when walking along the alpine paths.

The rolling hills of the Langhe and Monferrato seem painted by a divine artist, changing color with the seasons, they are a true paradise for lovers of wine and gastronomy. The vines dressed in green leaves in spring and autumn, and the snow-covered hills in winter, create an ever-changing picture. Here, the view of sun-kissed vineyards and fields of golden wheat captures the soul, while the scent of ripe grapes and the flavor of a good glass of Barolo or a plate of truffles make the experience unforgettable.

The historic cities of Piedmont are a fascinating blend of history and modernity, such as Turin, which with its aristocratic elegance, its regal architecture, and its elegant squares, evokes a sense of past grandeur. And picturesque towns like Alba, with its narrow-cobbled streets, make the heart vibrate with their timeless charm. The call of culture and art is felt in the numerous churches, museums and monuments that bear witness to the glorious past of this region.

But it is also the warm welcome of the Piedmontese, their passion for cooking and good wine, and the joy they feel in sharing their culture that make Piedmont an extraordinarily exciting place. Here, every corner is pervaded by a sense of belonging and tradition, which turns into a unique experience for anyone who visits it.

In short, Piedmont is a region that arouses deep and lasting emotions, from the mountains to food and wine, from culture to hospitality. It is a place where natural beauty and the warm soul of its inhabitants come together in an unforgettable emotional experience. It is a journey through time and space, an immersion in art, nature and culture that will leave you breathless and wanting to return again and again.

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