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Estate in Albinea hills – rif. 315

Prestigious estate located in the most eminent area of ​​the Emilian foothills, 2 km from the centre of Albinea and 10 km from the centre of Reggio Emilia.

The land is 22 hectares in total, consisting of arable land and a splendid lush wooded park in which the property’s buildings are immersed. The estate includes four buildings typical of the area and of important historical and architectural value.

The main villa, which has a total floor area of ​​about 800 square meters, is called “Villa degli Olmi” and has an ancient history. The first walls date back approximately to the year 1000 and the structure was used as a watchtower of the ancient castle of Albinea. Later it was rebuilt and restored several times in various historical periods and today it is in a good state of conservation. The villa enjoys a spectacular view of the surrounding hills and the plain below, up to the Venetian and Lombard Alps

Emilia Romagna

The building called “Casa del Custode”, of approximately 650 square meters, is located near the main house. Typical of the agricultural areas of the province of Reggio Emilia, it is an old former colonial building dating back to around 1850; still consisting of a house, dead door, stable with characteristic brick structures and period colonnade with a barn above. Today it is in a good state of conservation and has brick walls, wooden floors for the living area, a vaulted ceiling in ​​the former stable area with columns.

The building called “Casa del Prete” is a rural house built around 1850 as well, located adjacent to the main entrance of the estate. Overall, it is spread over 350 square meters and consists of a house on four levels, including a basement used as a cellar, two residential floors and an attic. The external walls are partly in stone and partly in brick, the roof is made of wood with a tile mantle. Today it is in poor condition and requires maintenance. Excellently located as it is close to the entrance, it can be easily removed from the remaining property with an adequate park area.

Finally, the building called “Podere Giardino”, also dating back to around 1850, has an area of ​​almost 1000 square meters. It is in precarious conditions of stability and maintenance, therefore to be restored. It is spread over three floors, one of which is partially basement; adjacent there is a low service in the same conditions. This building is decentralized from the other three and has an independent entrance that would allow, even in this case, a division and an excerpt from the entire complex.

The entire estate is a unique property in the area both in terms of characteristics and positioning, set in the first uplands of the Reggio foothills that lead to the characteristic Church of Albinea, and is surrounded by the prestigious properties of the most renowned Reggio Emilia’s families.

It has significant economic development potential: it is in fact in the ideal position for quality tourism supported by top-of-the-range hotels with all related services (swimming pool and spa for example).

Furthermore, the conformation and exposure of the land would allow the planting of several hectares of vineyards for the production of quality wines, combined with specially dedicated accommodation and catering facilities.

The centrality of the estate in the most known and appreciated area in the world for its cuisine and its agri-food products (Parmigiano Reggiano, Parma Ham, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, the various wines and much more) would guarantee a sure success for food and wine tourism.

The beauty of the area combined with an incomparable quality of life are characteristics that make this property splendid and unparalleled.

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Emilia Romagna

Emilia Romagna is Italy’s beating heart as well as its geographical centre, surrounded by the Apennines and the placid waters of the river Po.

Land of Medieval castles and amazing hilly countryside. Land of engines and birthplace of historical automotive brands like Ferrari, Maserati and Lamorghini which are born and still thrive here. Land of culinary excellences and DOP/IGP food products: just think about the worldwide famous cheese “Parmigiano Reggiano” or “Parma’s ham” and more generally the typical cured meats, the unique “tortelli” “tortellini” and “cappelletti” (every city has its specific recipe) … ultimately one of the best cuisines in Italy and in the world, rich of genuine flavors and artisanal products still produced with methods unchanged for generations.

Located in the north of our country, from here you can easily reach the most beautiful natural landscapes of Italy: sea, mountains, lake and renowned cities. So, once you have finished to explore this characteristic territory and taken a gastronomic journey, you could decide to go in just one-hour-and-half drive to the Tirreno seaside (maybe shopping in Forte dei Marmi) or to the Adriatico seaside (eating a “piadina romagnola” in the lively Rimini and Riccione). You could also decide to go to Garda’s lake with its beautiful small villages overlooking the peaceful lake or to extend the journey a little driving to Trentino to enjoy the wonder of the Dolomites. Eventually if you are passionate about cities, you are just two hours drive far from the famous Milan, Florence and Venice. Every place is so close: that’s why Emilia Romagna is considered the centre of Italy.

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